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Section One

High Peaks

Brand Description: Driven by our vision to establish new standards of excellence in the cannabis industry, we at High Peaks embody refinement, sophistication, and exclusivity in everything we do. Through meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to quality, we curate an exceptional selection of products that not only elevate the cannabis experience but also inspire you to embrace the highest standards of living and Join the High Life.

9 Pound Hammer (0.5g Disposable Vape):

Indica, 70-85% THC

9lb Hammer will not fail to provide a heavy-duty sedation that hits you over the head immediately. Take in the captivating scent of citrus and grape and experience deep relaxation as you float into a full-body high. With subtle mental stimulation and intensified perception, this vape is perfect for nighttime use.

Bee’s Knees (0.5g ea., 2-Pack Pre-Rolls):

Hybrid, 21% THC

Bee’s Knees is undoubtably the epitome of botanical finesse, boasting a delicate yet robust flavor profile reminiscent of crisp honeycombs. Its tranquilizing effects gently envelop the senses, evoking a state of blissful serenity akin to lounging in a meadow at dusk. A truly refined experience for the discerning connoisseur.

Citral and Ice (3.5g Flower):

Hybrid, 28% THC

Where relaxation meets productivity in perfect harmony. This blend offers a fusion of tropical fruitiness, spicy undertones, and just a hint of peppery zest. While the indica lineage provides a soothing mental calmness, its effects may pleasantly surprise you with a burst of energy reminiscent of sativa. From the first inhale, you’ll want to grab your flip flops, because the unmistakable papaya scent will surely have you yearning for a Caribbean getaway.

Dragon Heart (3.5g Flower):

Sativa, 22% THC

Dragon Heart is your perfect partner for daytime adventures, delivering a surge of motivation and mental sharpness. Its blend of sweet candy and earthy undertones, accented with hints of berries will uplift and energize you, ensuring you’re ready for any social gathering or creative pursuit.

Garlicane (3.5g Flower):

Indica, 30% THC

Garlicane is a delightful indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor profile as unique as its name suggests. With each puff, experience the sharp and savory garlic complimented by hints of fresh mint, pine, and musky undertones. This strain will surely have you reminiscing memories of finishing a home-cooked meal, leaving you ready to unwind and feeling full of relaxation.

Goodnight Guava (25-Pack Gummies):

4mg THC + 8mg CBG + 2mg CBD Per Gummy

Goodnight Guava Gummies are your ticket to a restorative night’s rest. Infused with a cannabinoid blend that offers a gentle yet effective solution for bedtime bliss. Let the exotic flavor of guava soothe your senses as you drift into a peaceful slumber, knowing that every chew brings you one step closer to a rejuvenated morning. 

Grandaddy Purple (0.5g Disposable Vape):

Indica, 70-85% THC

The perfect addition to your evening routine. With its rich and complex flavor profile reminiscent of grapes and berries, the Grandaddy Purple Vape will deliver a relaxing, tranquil experience ideal for unwinding after a long day. Look no further for solace and serenity, this blend is the ideal companion for a restful night’s sleep. 

Guava (10-Pack Gummies):

10mg THC Per Gummy

Savor the exotic flavor of our Guava Gummies. These gummies offer a pleasant escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Let each chew of our Guava Gummies transport you to an oasis where relaxation and curiosity meet in perfect harmony. 

Jack Herer (3.5g Flower):

Sativa, 23% THC

This sativa-dominant powerhouse is infused with the spirit of its namesake, the legendary cannabis activist. Jack Herer is here to kick boredom to the curb and inspire your next creative endeavor. Need a pick-me-up? Jack’s got your back. Feeling stressed? Jack’s got a knack for melting worries away. Don’t miss out on saying hello to Jack Herer – your new creative muse and energy booster all in one.

Kailash (0.5g ea., 2-Pack Pre-Rolls):

Indica, 17% THC

Kailash Pre-Rolls will take you on a journey of versatile bliss, meticulously crafted to deliver a harmonious blend of energy and calmness. Each puff offers a symphony of effects perfect for those seeking balance in their cannabis experience. Embark on an adventure where every inhale brings a delicate dance between invigoration and relaxation. 

Kush Cleaner (0.5g ea., 2-Pack Pre-Rolls):

Hybrid, 16% THC

Kush Cleaner is celebrated for its unique aroma and uplifting effects, its intriguing scent features a bold, gassy aroma complemented by inviting spicy and earthy undertones. Feel the energizing high take hold, bringing a swift sense of cerebral happiness. Embrace the soothing effects that gently anchor you to relaxation, ensuring hours of calm contentment.

Larry’s Cookies (3.5g Flower):

Hybrid, 32% THC

Larry’s Cookies will not disappoint an experienced cannabis connoisseur with its high THC content. Indulge in its sweet, herbal, and pine flavors, accented by essences of cinnamon and cookies. Larry promises a sensory journey similar to stepping into a bakery filled with freshly baked goods. For those craving a potent THC experience coupled with a gourmet taste, Larry’s Cookies is essential to add to your cannabis repertoire.

Lemon Cherry Gelato (3.5g Flower):

Indica, 31% THC

Lemon Cherry Gelato is the burst of citrusy sweetness and fruity euphoria that you’ve been looking for. Crafted from a magical genetic cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain will have you feeling like you’re floating on clouds. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or just have a good laugh, Lemon Cherry Gelato is the one for you. So don’t be shy, grab your jar, take a hit, and let the magic unfold.

Lifted Strawberry Lemonade (25-Pack Gummies):

4mg THC + 3mg CBG + 2mg CBD Per Gummy

Energize your summer with our fast-acting Lifted Strawberry Lemonade gummies! Each bite is a blend of sweet strawberries and tangy lemonade, delivering a burst of energy as you soak up the sunshine. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, hitting the trails, or simply seeking a midday pick-me-up, these gummies are the ideal companion for all summer adventures.

Lime (10-Pack Gummies):

10mg THC Per Gummy

Delight in the zesty refreshment of Lime Gummies, crafted to offer a convenient and discreet way to indulge in the body-high effects you crave. With every bite, experience the tangy burst of lime flavor that dances on your palate, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. 

Maple Syrup (1-Pack):

10mg THC, 1 Serving

Our limited-edition THC Infused Maple Syrup offers a delightful addition to your morning routine or culinary creations. Each bottle offers a perfect balance of rich, maple flavor and THC infusion, making every serving a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Pineapple (10-Pack Gummies):

10mg THC Per Gummy

Every bite of our Pineapple Gummies allows you to escape to a tropical paradise. Indulge in the tantalizing flavor of ripe pineapple and experience the ultimate body high. Designed for your convenience, these gummies offer a delicious way to unwind and relax.

Potion D’amour (3.5g Flower):

Indica, 20% THC

Taking this enchanting potion will surely soothe both body and mind. Potion D’amour is a captivating blend born from the union of Forbidden Fruit and Kush Cleaner. Its warm cherry undertones intertwine with vibrant tropical notes along with hints of pine, mango, and passion fruit candy, promising to charm you into a mellow relaxation.

Super Sleeper: Goodnight Guava (10-Pack Gummies):

9mg THC + 9mg CBN + 2mg CBD Per Gummy

Super Sleeper Gummies, your secret weapon for a night of deep sleep. With a perfect blend of THC, CBN, and CBD these gummies are expertly crafted to promote deep and rejuvenating slumber. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Super Sour Diesel (0.5g Disposable Vape):

Sativa, 70-85% THC

High Peaks Super Sour Diesel Vape is a potent sativa blend perfect for daytime use and boosting creativity. The strong cerebral effects will uplift and inspire you while the pungent, fuel-like taste will delight the senses with each inhale. No need to worry about falling behind on those everyday tasks as the discreet vape design offers a convenient option for those in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Trainwreck (0.5g Disposable Vape):

Sativa, 70-85% THC

Experience feelings of euphoria and increased energy as this vape hits you like a freight train, ideal for those seeking a moment of relaxation combined with an uplifted mood. With its unique combination of flavors ranging from sweet lemon to spicy pine, each inhale offers a journey to sensory joy. Embark on the exhilarating ride offered by Trainwreck.  

Triple Sec (3.5g Flower):

Hybrid, 19% THC

Triple Sec offers a delightful flavor reminiscent of its namesake beverage. The experience is truly unique, with a sweet and spicy citrusy orange flavor, complemented by hints of peppery kush. From that first exhale, you’ll feel your mind drifting into a state of introspection, while maintaining a bubbly outgoingness. This strain, just like the beverage, will have you asking for another round.

Section Two

Generic AF

Generic AF

Brand Description: Great products, great prices.

Blood Orange Gummies (20-Pack)

Zesty and bold, offers a citrus punch in every bite.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Blue Raspberry Gummies (20-Pack)

Bold and vibrant, its electric blue offers a fun experience and slightly exotic taste.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Cherry Gummies (20-Pack)

Classic and sweet, don’t miss out on this timeless taste sensation.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Grape Gummies (20-Pack)

Sweet and juicy, delights the senses with its nostalgic, vibrant profile.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Green Apple Gummies (20-Pack)

Crisp and tangy, delivers a refreshing burst of flavor.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Lemon Gummies (20-Pack)

Bright and tangy, provides a refreshing burst of citrus flavor.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Peach Gummies (20-Pack)

Fresh and delicious, a pleasant sensation for the taste buds.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Strawberry Gummies (20-Pack)

Juicy and vibrant, transports you to the sweetness of summer.

5mg THC Per Gummy, 100mg Total THC, 20 Gummies Per Pouch

Hybrid AF: Generic Flower (7 Grams)

No frills, budget friendly choice that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

7 grams total, hybrid


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