Why the Hemp Industry Collapsed on Itself

Why the Hemp Industry Collapsed

Witness the collapse of the hemp industry as this blog unravels the intricate factors that led to its downfall, from overproduction to regulatory challenges and beyond. Gain a deeper understanding of the lessons learned from this once-promising sector.

The Trouble With Hemp: The Journey 2019-2022

The Trouble With Hemp

Delve into the tumultuous journey of the hemp industry from 2019 to 2022, as we examine the challenges faced in regulation, production, and quality control. Learn valuable lessons for a sustainable future in this dynamic and versatile market.

THC Extraction at Scale: The Future of Marijuana Processing

THC Extraction at Scale

Explore the future of marijuana processing as we delve into large-scale THC extraction methods and their impact on the cannabis industry. Learn about the most prominent techniques, including supercritical CO2, ethanol, and hydrocarbon extraction, and how they are revolutionizing the production of high-quality THC extracts.

How to Build A Cannabis Processing Facility

Build A Cannabis Processing Facility

Dive into the world of cannabis processing and learn how to build a thriving facility from the ground up. This comprehensive guide covers planning, facility design, equipment selection, and staffing strategies to ensure success in this booming industry.

How THC and CBD are Extracted from Cannabis

THC and CBD are Extracted

Unlock the secrets of cannabis extraction as we unveil the processes behind THC and CBD extraction. Journey with us through CO2, ethanol, and hydrocarbon extraction methods to understand their unique advantages and drawbacks.

How Manufacturers Can Work to Protect Children from Ingesting THC or Other Cannabinoids

Work to Protect Children

Discover essential strategies for cannabis manufacturers to protect children from accidental ingestion of THC or other cannabinoids. Dive into our latest blog, where we discuss child-resistant packaging, clear labeling, responsible product design and marketing, and the importance of consumer education in ensuring the safety of our community’s youngest members.

How to Get a Marijuana Processing License in New York

Marijuana Processing License

Explore the essential steps to obtaining a marijuana processing license in New York with our comprehensive guide. Learn about licensing requirements, application preparation, approval navigation, and maintaining compliance in the competitive cannabis industry.

Cannabis Product Manufacturing: What Not to Do

Cannabis Product Manufacturing

Discover the key pitfalls to avoid in cannabis product manufacturing with Central Processors NY’s insightful blog. Learn how to maintain compliance, ensure quality, manage supply chains, and invest in workforce development for a successful and competitive business.

NY Marijuana Cultivation Guidebook – How to Grow the Best Product You Can in NY

Cultivation Guidebook

Unveiling the secrets to cultivating exceptional cannabis in New York, this comprehensive guidebook offers essential tips for navigating legal requirements, selecting strains, perfecting growing techniques, and mastering harvesting and processing. Elevate your cannabis cultivation skills and yield with Central Processors NY’s expert insights.


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